Here is what senior leaders that have worked with Vantage Alliance say about our work:

"When Compassion needed to address the challenges of continuing double digit growth, diversification into multiple ministries and improving the quality of our impact on our beneficiaries, we enlisted the excellence services of Vantage Alliance to take on the task.  Rick Stoller and Tom Beck were able to guide us through not only the difficult task of determining the key changes needed, but also helping to drive progress toward improvement once the needed changes had been identified. Compassion continues to grow and be successful as a ministry in part to the excellence services Vantage Alliance provided to the ministry."
Jeffrey Wood, Senior Vice President
Compassion International, Colorado Springs, Colorado
“I have worked with Vantage Alliance as our organizational consultant off and on for almost a decade.  We have seen profound and lasting positive change in our culture.  The thing I appreciate about Vantage Alliance is the way they take the time to get to know us and do not impose boiler plate templates on our problems. I recommend them highly.“  
Dr. Hans Finzel, President and CEO
WorldVenture, Littleton, Colorado
"For the past 5 years, I've had the privilege of working alongside Tom Beck and Rick Stoller in two completely different Global Christian NGO's. In both instances, their contribution to our work was both strategic and impactful. Most recently, serving as Regional Vice President overseeing World Vision's Middle East/ Eastern European region, Rick Stoller worked through a strategic process with our team, helped us refocus our leadership and gained a new sense of alignment  and direction for ministry, and rebuilt our entire structure.  I wholeheartedly endorse their work with Global Christian NGO's."  
Charles L Dokmo
Regional Vice President - Middle East/ Eastern Europe/ Central Asia
World Vision International
"Tom Beck and Rick Stoller provide solid, effective & strategic advise. They quickly will become trusted mentors providing honest feedback & assessment for your church, ministry or organization. Tom is especially effective as a personal coach for Senior Leadership combining years of corporate & ministry know-how. These are not fly in- fly out advisors. If you want someone who will really get to know you & your organization and chart a successful course for the future.....Vantage Alliance is the ticket!"
Dennis Episcopo, Senior Pastor
Appleton Alliance Church, Appleton, Wisconsin
As a ministry leader for more than 25 years, I have had the opportunity to utilize the services of Vantage Alliance on more than one occasion.  The experience, passion and cutting edge knowledge of Tom Beck and Rick Stoller has proven invaluable each time I have called on them. In every case, both my ministry impact and my leadership bandwidth have increased significantly through the holistic influence of Tom and Rick. Vantage Alliance is one of the most effective tools in my leadership tool belt. If you want to take your organization to the next level, and /or strengthen your leadership capabilities, I highly recommend the services of Vantage Alliance.
Myron W. Wilkins, Senior Pastor
Hixson First Baptist Church, Hixson, Tennessee

"Fresh, innovative, and relational is the hands-on approach that Vantage Alliance takes in assisting its clients to move toward a successful organization. They have taken us to new levels of productivity, perspective, and opportunity. I highly recommend Vantage Alliance."

John Zivojinovic, Senior Pastor
Grace Chapel, Englewood, Colorado