Church Consulting Services

Vantage Alliance provides the following services to help take your church to the next level.  All services are customized to each church’s particular needs:

Church Assessment

  • Comprehensive Church-wide Assessment and Analysis
  • Key Leadership Assessment
  • Congregational Surveys, Stakeholder Interviews, Focus Groups
  • Contextual Assessment / Trends Analysis

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Thinking Development
  • Vision and Mission Development
  • Integrated Strategic and Operational Plans

Organizational Development

  • Operational Integration/Alignment
  • Team Development


  • Design and Production Services (Print/Multimedia/Web)
  • Market Analysis/Marketing Plans
  • Communication Audits/Standards Development

Financial Development

  • Development Audits/Plans
  • Development Seminars/Training 
  • Major Donor Acquisition/Capital Campaigns

Leadership Development

  • Assessment
  • Executive Coaching

Governance Development

  • Assessment
  • Policy Development
  • Coaching


Church Assessment

Our church assessment process is designed to provide your church with a clear and objective assessment of where you are today. It is an in-depth organizational assessment process that is focused on evaluating the church's overall functions through key stakeholder interviews, congregational surveys,and focus groups. The church assessment process also includes a study of the key contextual issues that may have an impact in fulfilling your church's mission. The findings of this process provide the basis for a spirit-led strategic planning process and an organizational development plan.

Strategic Planning

Our Vantage Planning Process is designed to define and focus the church's vision and mission, and develop a strategic plan for the future.  It is a prayerful process focused on "outcome oriented" planning, with an emphasis on developing strong consensus and "ownership" within your team on the future directions of the church. It looks at building both the church's core competencies as well as organizational capacity, with clearly defined strategic objectives (what you want to accomplish) and strategic outcomes (what you can measure to assess your effectiveness).  Overall, it will enable the church to move to "the next level" so that you can have a greater impact and see your vision realized.

Organizational Development

The Organizational Development Process guides your church through a systemic design, development and integration process focused on creating alignment between key organizational functions-governance, operations, teams and leaders. Whether we are focusing on individuals, teams or churches, we start each project by getting to know the individuals and the organization through an extensive assessment phase in order to target areas of strength and opportunities for growth. A result of this process is an individualized development plan focused on catalyzing core level change and transformation in order to unleash individual and organizational potential. Our process is a long-term approach committed to providing ongoing encouragement through challenging and supportive coaching relationships.

Operational Integration/Alignment

A process designed to ensure integration and alignment of the strategic objectives and the day-to-day operations of a church. This is accomplished through an organizational development plan that is targeted at addressing areas of concern and developing strategies for change – resulting in efficient and effective practices and procedures that bring about organizational alignment.

Team Development

The Team Development Process facilitates the building of productive, functioning teams by providing tools and training focused on developing effective operational practices and building healthy and constructive interpersonal relationships. This is accomplished through a targeted assessment and development process focused on creating awareness and understanding around key elements of team dynamics. This targeted assessment and development process includes:

  • Assessment of team dynamics including interpersonal and operational concerns (MBTI / TKI)
  • Defining a team's areas of strength and targeting opportunities for development
  • Developing and implementing strategies for growth and change
  • Ongoing team building through one on one coaching and team facilitation.


Vantage Alliance is an experienced team of strategic communication and marketing specialists.  We provide consulting and creative services for effective print, web, video and multimedia communications.  Our emphasis in communications is not just design – but on developing strategies and tools that effectively directs your message to your targeted audiences. We are here to serve you and to provide strategic solutions to your communication and marketing challenges.

We offer a full range of creative services – from concept development to the final product or production.  Whether it is developing your corporate identity, a local ad campaign, a dynamic web site or a simple brochure, we can provide your church with strategic communication and marketing expertise. We have core competencies in all phases of print, web, video and multimedia development.  

Vantage Alliance also performs the following in-depth marketing and communications assessments / plans to maximize the church's efforts in building a consistent message, develop awareness, and facilitate strong growth:

  • Market Analysis Reports
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plans
  • In-depth Market Surveys
  • Communication Audits
  • Communication Standards Manuals

Financial Development

The major focus in resource development is on fundraising strategies and systems that identify qualified donors, define strategic giving opportunities, nurture personal relationships and donor fulfillment, and provide long-term financial resources for your church.  We provide the following services, with an emphasis on Major Donors, Foundations, and Capital Campaigns:

  • Financial Development Strategic and Operational Plans
  • Financial Development Audits / Departmental Assessments
  • Financial Development Seminars / Training
  • Capital Campaign Strategy Development / Implementation
  • Major Donor Acquisition / Development Programs
  • Donor Surveys

Leadership Development

One of our core beliefs is that the heart attitude of a leader is an essential element in establishing the cultural DNA of an organization. The cultural DNA defines how people experience an organization and directly impacts their effectiveness and success. Our Leadership Development process is focused on responsibly partnering with individuals in a coaching relationship committed to equipping, encouraging and challenging leaders as they strive to fulfill their leadership calling. We offer a range of services targeted at creating self-awareness through the use of selected assessment tools.

Assessment tools include:

  • MBTI / TKI
  • 360 Leadership Assessments - focusing on strengths and weaknesses resulting in an individualized development plan
  • Other applicable evaluation tools

We also provide individual mentoring including professional coaching. We are committed to long-term relationships with each leader we commit to working with as we strive to equip them with the essential tools and skills necessary to achieve their full leadership potential.

Governance Development

A process focused on assisting a church's governance body to clarify and define its roles and responsibilities so that it can more effectively focus on the essential business of governance-creating, sustaining and achieving a vision. Based on John Carver’s Policy Governance Model, this process includes an initial assessment of the governance body’s current functions and responsibilities, targeting opportunities for improvement and growth, developing strategies for change, implementing effective governance structures and providing encouragement and support through ongoing coaching.























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